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Perpetual Sponsorships

Various levels* of perpetual sponsorships are available with opportunities to permanently memorialize your family name, business name or other group/organization.
Little League Complex Naming Rights - SOLD
$250,000 El Campo Little League Complex Naming Rights Permanent sight at main entrance. Complex name used in all official communications in perpetuity.
Field Naming Rights

Championship Baseball Field $125,000 SOLD
Championship Softball Field $125,000 SOLD
Baseball Fields 3 & 4 $100,000 each SOLD
Flex Fields 5 & 6 (T-Ball) $75,000 each SOLD

Field name will be prominently displayed on field and in related communication in perpetuity.

* All sponsorship levels over $5,000 are available for 5 year payment plan with 10% due at time of commitment.

Concession Naming Rights - SOLD
$100,000 Concession naming rights
Batting Cage Naming Rights
$100,000 batting cage naming rights
Hospitality Room Naming Rights - SOLD
$50,000 hospitality room naming rights
Bridge Sponsor - SOLD
$50,000 bridge sponsor
NEW OPPORTUNITY- Family Dining Area
$50,000 family dining
Flag Pole Sponsor - SOLD
Berm/Hill Seating Sponsors (6 SOLD - 6 Available)
$20,000 ea Berm/Hill Seating Sponsors
Bench/Ball Combo Sponsors (6 SOLD - 6 Available)
$20,000 ea Bench/Ball Combo Sponsors
Monument Baseball Sponsors (4 SOLD - 12 Available)
$10,000 ea Monument Baseball Sponsors
NEW OPPORTUNITY - Lamp Post Sponsors (6 Available)
$7,500 ea Lamp Post Sponsor
Founders Plaque Sponsors (6 SOLD)
$5,000 ea Founders Plaque Sponsors
$4,000 ea Tree Sponsors
Picnic Table Sponsors (2 SOLD)
$2,500 ea Picnic table sponsors
Park Bench Sponsors (6 SOLD - 14 Available)
$2,000 ea park bench sponsors
Individual Brick Paver Sponsors (18 SOLD)
$250 ea individual brick pavers

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